Structure Determination Workshop

The two-day University of Richmond Structure Determination Workshop, typically held in the last week of May, invites local high schools to campus to work with faculty and undergraduates in University of Richmond labs. The workshop starts with basic introductions to modern spectroscopic and computational methods used to determine the structures of molecules. The bulk of the experience will involve hands-on activities in our teaching laboratories to synthesize a compound (or extract a natural product) and piece the spectroscopic clues together to determine the chemical structure of the target compound.

Participants work with our faculty and undergraduates. Along the way we work to make connections to what students have already learned in their high school courses, while affording your students a clear sense of what college promises and the joys of the career in chemistry.

Read a recent article about the workshop to learn more.

We trust you that if you apply and are invited to attend that you will make every effort to do so. We can accommodate a limited number of participants each year, so we encourage you to indicate your interest as soon as possible by completing the brief application below.