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Powell Seminar Series

The Department of Chemistry hosts the annual Powell Seminar Series as part of the academic course, Chemistry Seminar, for juniors. Presentations are given by current students, outside speakers and students in graduate programs. Offering valuable information on research, graduate school, and the chemical industry, presentations are typically held at 1:30 p.m. each Friday in the Gottwald Auditorium. Students who are not registered for the course are still welcome to attend the presentations. This year's seminar series is coordinated by Dr. Samuel A. Abrash.

February 16

Student Talks

February 23

Powell Lecturer: Dr. John B. Goodenough, (Biographical Sketch), University of Texas - Austin 
Interesting Recent Discovery
1:30pm, Informal Conversation and Question/Answer session; Title: "Choices and Surprises in a Life Journey" (Abstract)
7:30pm Powell Lecture: "The road to a Sustainable Energy Economy" (Abstract)

March 2

Student Talks

March 9

Student Talks

March 16

Student Talks

March 23

Student Talks

March 30

Dr. David Nicewicz, University of North Carolina

Title: Organic Dyes as Light Activated Catalysts in Synthesis

Hosted by Dr. Downey

April 6

Dr. Louis Charkoudian, Haverford College

Title: Capturing Transient Interactions of Proteins Involved in Natural Product

Hosted by Dr. Pollack

April 13

Dr. Javier Concepcion, Brookhaven National Lab

Title: Artificial Photosynthesis: From Rational Catalyst Design to Functional Devices

Paper #1   Paper #2,   Paper #3,   Paper #4

Hosted by Dr. Norris

April 20

UR Student Symposium

April 27

Chemistry Department Awards Ceremony and Reception