FSNC Transfer Guidelines

FSNC – Field of Study Natural Science: Chemistry

The natural science requirement consists of one laboratory course selected from approved courses offered in one of the three areas of science represented at the University of Richmond, including, chemistry, physics, and the biological sciences.

Students who would like to transfer in credit for FSNC (FSNS) should consult with the chair of the chemistry department to obtain prior approval for courses that may meet the criteria for this subject area.

In general, the department recommends that students seeking to fulfill FSNC (FSNS) do so by taking a science class with a hands-on laboratory experience that is a self-contained course in an area of chemistry interesting to the student. There are many acceptable versions of such courses available at other institutions. A few examples of courses that would be viewed as meeting the FSNC (FSNS) goals include: Chemistry of Food, Environmental Chemistry, or Chemistry of Paintings. In contrast, chemistry courses that are a single semester of a two-semester introductory chemistry course, or that represent an introductory course designed to prepare students for such a course, do not meet the spirit of the course objectives and values represented by the FSNC (FSNS) requirement and consequently would not be acceptable for this field of study requirement. (Note that taking an intensive one semester general chemistry course or both semesters of a two-semester introductory chemistry course normally would meet the requirement for FSNC (FSNS) credit).

Further comments and questions should be directed to the chair of the chemistry department.