Faculty Research by Subject

A commitment to undergraduate research is a fundamental part of science education at Richmond.

This includes plentiful opportunities to conduct both group and one-on-one research with faculty, as well as full access to the state-of-the-art Gottwald Center for the Sciences and the latest instrumentation. Special grant funding also is available, and students’ work is often showcased through presentations and scientific publications, as well as the School of Arts & Sciences’ Student Symposium, which is held each spring.

Recent students have conducted research in a number of exciting fields of chemistry. The research activities of the chemistry faculty can be categorized into the following five traditional sub-disciplines:

Analytical Dominey, Leopold, Stevenson
Biochemistry Dattelbaum, Hamm, Pollock, Williams
Inorganic Goldman, Norris, Johnson, Williams
Organic Downey, Goldman, Hamm, Nolin, Johnson, Pollock
Physical Donald, Parish