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Dr. Christopher L. Stevenson
Dr. Christopher L. Stevenson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chair, Department of Chemistry

Dr. Stevenson is interested in the development of spectroscopic methods which can rapidly and easily characterize samples, with a minimum of sample treatment required before the analysis. Typically these methods will be based on fluorescence spectroscopy, and may use a laser as the source and fiber optic "probe" of the sample. Research is concentrated into two main areas: 1) the analysis of complex mixtures using novel spectroscopic methods and modern data processing methods; and 2) the analysis of samples in a turbid medium. The primary application of Dr. Stevenson's research will be in the screening of environmental samples "in-field."

Ph.D., University of Florida
Contact Information
C-209 Gottwald Center for the Sciences
(804) 289-8635
(804) 287-1897 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Analytical Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry