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Dr. William  O'Neal
Dr. William O'Neal
Director of Organic Chemistry Laboratories

Will O’Neal received a Ph.D. in chemistry from Dartmouth College, where his research focused on the development of new synthetic routes to macrocyclic tetrapyrroles of the chlorin and bacteriochlorin classes. He served as an American Chemical Society Congressional Fellow from 2008 to 2009 and subsequently worked as a congressional staffer for several years. For seven years, he served on the faculty of Coastal Carolina Community College, where he taught Organic Chemistry and related courses. He is the author of two laboratory texts: Exercises for the General, Organic, and Biochemistry Laboratory and Exploring General, Organic, and Biochemistry in the Laboratory. Will’s scholarly interests are a combination of organic methodology, chemical education, and green chemistry. His current work focuses on the design of a novel curriculum model for organic chemistry, the development of a “guided research” model for the accompanying laboratory course, and the exploration of less hazardous and more environmentally benign reactions for the organic laboratory.

2014: Educator of the Year, Coastal Carolina Community College
O’Neal, W.G. Exploring General, Organic, & Biochemistry in the Laboratory; Morton Publishing: Englewood, CO, 2017.
O’Neal, W.G. Exercises for the General, Organic, & Biochemistry Laboratory; Morton Publishing: Englewood, CO, 2015.

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Ph.D., Dartmouth College
Organic Chemistry
B.S., University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Biology & Chemistry
Contact Information
C-307 Gottwald Center for the Sciences
(804) 287-6358
Areas of Expertise
Organic chemistry