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Dr. Raymond N. Dominey
Dr. Raymond N. Dominey
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Research projects are focussed in two principal areas: 1) The electron and energy transfer properties of Re(a,a'-diimine) complexes, particularly with respect to solar energy conversion and the development of molecular electronic devices. 2) Modern NMR applications for extracting 3-dimensional structure information for large molecules in solution and for studying guest-host, receptor type, interactions in organized assemblies. The photochemistry project involves the design and synthesis of new donor-acceptor molecules which exhibit intramolecular charge-transfer interactions and are capable of photoinduced intramolecular electron or energy transfer. The NMR project primarily involves performing NOESY*, ROESY*, and HOHAHA* 2-D experiments and the HOHAHA-NOE* 3-D experiment on proteins in solution followed by extensive computational analysis of the data.


Hawkins, C.A., Peláez de Clairac, R., Dominey, R.N., Baird, E.E., White, S., Dervan, P.B., & Wemmer, D.E. (2000) Controlling binding orientation in hairpin polamide DNA complexes. Journal of the American Chemical Society, v.122, no. 22.

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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C-106 Gottwald Center for the Sciences
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Analytical Chemistry