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Dr. Anton Toutov

Affiliated Research Scholar
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    Dr. Toutov’s research centers around the discovery and development of Earth-abundant element catalysts and reagents. In particular, his work has focused on utilizing alkaline salts of sodium and potassium to promote organic reactions including C–H bond functionalization and aromatic C–X bond reduction by novel mechanisms.  Dr. Toutov is also the co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Fuzionaire, Inc., a Los Angeles-based science and technology start-up company spun out of Caltech in 2016.

  • Selected Publications
    Journal Articles

    Banerjee, S.; Yang, Y.-F.; Jenkins, I. D.; Toutov, A. A.; Liu, W.-B.; Schuman, D. P.; Grubbs, R. H.; Stoltz, B. M.; Krenske, E. H.; Houk, K. N. and Zare, R. N. Ionic and Neutral Mechanisms for C–H Bond Silylation of Aromatic Heterocycles Catalyzed by Potassium tert-Butoxide. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, 139, 6880

     Liu, W.-B.; Schuman, D. P.; Yang, Y.-F.; Toutov, A. A.; Liang, Y.; Klare, H. F. T.; Nesnas, N.; Oestreich, M.; Blackmond, D. G.; Virgil, S. C.; Banerjee, S.; Zare, R. N.; Grubbs, R. H.; Houk, K. N. and Stoltz, B. M. Potassium tert-Butoxide–Catalyzed Dehydrogenative C–H Silylation of Heteroaromatics: A Combined Experimental and Computational Mechanistic Study. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017, 139, 6867

     Toutov, A. A.; Salata, M.; Fedorov, A.; Yang, Y.-F.; Liang, Y.; Cariou, R.; Betz, K. N.; Couzijn, E. P. A.; Shabaker, J. W.; Houk, K. N. & Grubbs, R. H. A Potassium tert-Butoxide and Hydrosilane System for Ultra-Deep Desulfurization of Fuels. Nature Energy 2017, 2, 17008

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     Toutov, A. A.; Liu, W.-B.; Stoltz, B. M.; Grubbs, R. H.  Potassium tert-Butoxide–Catalyzed Dehydrogenative Cross-Coupling of Heteroarenes with Hydrosilanes. Organic Syntheses 2016, 93, 263

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     Schneider, C.; David, E.; Toutov, A. A.; Snieckus, V. In Situ Anionic Shielding for Regioselective Metalation: Directed peri and Iterative Metalation Routes to Polyfunctionalized 7-Azaindoles. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2012, 51, 2722