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Chemistry is the study of matter and the transformations that occur in material things. It is one of the basic sciences, and it is fundamental to the study of all other basic sciences. The Department of Chemistry enthusiastically supports the University’s commitment to quality teaching, diversity, and research.

Department NewsCongratulations to Grace Conway, who received the A&S David Evans Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scholarship
Faculty Members with External Research Grants
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Faculty Highlights

  • Johnson Receives Summer Research Grant

    Miles Johnson, assistant professor of chemistry, has received a $17,000 Summer Research Grant from Organic Syntheses, Inc. for his project, Development of Mild Nickel-Catalyzed C–N Cross-Coupling Reactions Enabled by Modular Phosphinopyrrole Ligands.

  • Johnson Receives NSF Award

    The National Science Foundation has awarded Miles Johnson, assistant professor of chemistry, more than $500,000 in grant support from the National Science Foundation for his research on metal catalysts and developing new chemical compounds. Read more.

  • Chemistry Team Obtains Patent

    Ryan Coppage, director of introductory chemistry laboratories, along with Michael Leopold, professor of chemistry, and Christie Lacy, director of microscopy and imaging, obtained a Utility Patent for “Gold Nanoparticle in Ceramic Glaze” - U.S. Patent No. 10,913,856 on App. No. 15/790,717 / UR0002.

  • Pollock and Parish Published

    Julie Pollock, associate professor of chemistry, and Carol Parish, professor of chemistry, along with undergraduate research students published "Identification of Phenazine‐Based MEMO1 Small‐Molecule Inhibitors: Virtual Screening, Fluorescence Polarization Validation, and Inhibition of Breast Cancer Migration" in ChemMedChem.

  • Pollock Recognized

    Julie Pollock, associate professor of chemistry, received the 2020 Distinguished Educator Award for outstanding contributions to excellence in education.

  • Donald Published

    Kelling Donald, associate dean and professor of chemistry, published “Structural and Energetic Properties of RMX3–NH3 Complexes” in International Journal of Quantum Chemistry with UR postbaccalaureate researcher, Samuel Gillespie.

  • Norris Published

    Michael Norris, assistant professor of chemistry, published “Strategy for Functionalization of Electrodes with Discrete, Unmodified Small Molecules Exhibiting Aqueous Stability” in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

  • Parish Joins WIREs Board

    Carol Parish, Floyd D. and Elisabeth S. Gottwald professor of chemistry and associate provost for academic integration at the University of Richmond, accepted a position on the international advisory board for WIREs: Computational Molecular Sciences (WCMS).

  • Norris Published

    Michael Norris, assistant professor of chemistry, published “Strategy for functionalization of electrodes with discrete, unmodified small molecules exhibiting aqueous stability” in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

  • Johnson Published

    Miles Johnson, assistant professor of chemistry, published "Study and Modular Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Bis(phosphino)pyrrole Ligands" in the Dalton Transactions. Four UR students assisted: Hilary D. Fokwa, Julia F. Vidlak, Sophie C. Weinberg, and Isaiah D. Duplessis.

Spider Talks: Dr. Julie Pollock

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