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Ryan Coppage
Director of Introductory Laboratories
Ryan Coppage is drawn to the Venn overlap between science and art that is not often characterized or fully explored. From an art perspective, materials chemistry is a perfect platform from which to examine and explain color, surface texture, crazing, and desirable ceramic surface effects. He currently works on research projects that are frequently split between the University of Richmond and the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, developing low metal loading color alternatives for ceramic surfaces.
Coppage, R. Reduction Misnomer. Techno File. Ceramics Monthly. 2016, March 1. 58-59.
 Originally published in March 2016 issue of Ceramics Monthly, pages (58-59). .

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Coppage, R.; Knecht, M. R. Bio-Inspired Nanocatalysis. BioInspired Nanotechnology. Springer New York. 2014, 1, 173 – 219.

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