1995 – Mary L. Good

Technology Policy For Economic Growth and Competitiveness

As the United States adapts to the new world economy and pursues an economic growth agenda, a new approach to technology policy is emerging. It rests on the strong linkage between technology and economic growth, and provides a new framework for the role of government in helping private firms develop and profit from innovations. While this new policy is channeling more Federal R&D resources to projects of commercial relevance, it is also resulting in Federal programs that go beyond R&D to initiatives which promote industrial competitiveness.

The private sector is the customer for government programs directed towards improving competitiveness and customer perceptions are paramount. Industry perceives significant impact on competitiveness from incentives for capital formation, regulatory reform, improving education and training, the modernization of manufacturing , and a greater voice in R&D policy. The Clinton Administration has made progress in many areas of business concern including market opening initiatives, education reform and workplace upgrading, modern infrastructure, manufacturing extension, and industry involvement in technology programs.